“Our Heartfelt Thanks”

“We have never imagined that we would meet each other through a dating agency, but you have made it happen. Thanks for your professional service and perfect arrangement, your business model is just unparalleled by any other companies in your industry. Your staff are nice and passionate. They do not only take it as a job, but one can really feel that they do try their very best to bring together potential matches.

We just started off very well at the very first lunch. It was an unforgettable afternoon which we will surely treasure for life. Although we have just embarked on our journey together for the very first beginning, and there will definitely be ups and downs in life, we firmly believe our fond hearts will bond us together to share everything, be it happy or sad. Once again thank you so much and as what we have promised, we will invite you to our big day should that day come in the future.”

- From Ian, Banker and Vanessa, Doctor (Happily dating with marriage plans)
“The Pursuit of Happiness”

“There are many things to commend about LA, their staff and the service they offer. The important thing is that they listen – both to what you are looking for and to your feedback. They are, above all, friendly – constructive – professional – knowledgeable and discreet. They say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating – thanks to LA, I met my life partner and could not be happier.”

- Samuel, Executive VP, 35 (Happily married to Liezel)
“I have never believed in match making.. but, now I do. Thanks to Lunch Actually!”

“In my industry, I have to meet and interact with many people; I am therefore never short of suitors. However none of them fulfilled all my criteria until I met Ben through Lunch Actually.

We had so much in common and we got on like house on fire, all thanks to my consultant and her meticulous matching. Of course, it would be unrealistic to expect Lunch Actually to find the right match at the outset; but to be able to do so at my third date is very commendable!”

- Christy, Lawyer, 31 (Happily married to Ben)
“Happily Married – Kudos to Lunch Actually”

I never had the intention of joining any of these dating agencies. Maybe it was the perception that only desperate singles join such agencies prevented me from signing up with any of them.

I got myself involved with Lunch Actually through a Valentine’s Day Contest organized by them in 2007. As one of the lucky finalists, I had to undergo an interview with Lunch Actually. Through this interview, I learnt quite a bit more about the matchmaking process that Lunch Actually uses. I was surprised that the matchmaking process is actually a software using a scientific approach and not a random matching or done manually. In addition, there are also opportunities for the client to review and fine tune their criteria after each date.

This convinced me to give Lunch Actually a try and signed up as a member.

Filling up the details on my likes & dislikes was done smoothly with the guidance of a dating consultant. I must say that the Dating Consultants are very professional in their interaction with me. They are good listeners with a right level of empathy and are eager to share tips on how to improve our personality and personal life so that the client will have a better chance of hitting of with someone.

Fann was my first date that Lunch Actually arranged. Looking through the profile brief that I received about her, I was pleasantly surprised that she matched close to about 70% of my criteria. One of the things that I liked about Lunch Actually is that they arranged a comfortable and reasonable dinning place for you and making sure that it is quite discreet in order to avoid any embarrassment on your first blind date.

To cut the story short, both Fann and I hit off well and subsequently, we arranged for more dates by ourselves and soon our relationship developed. As of today, I am proud to announce that we are happily married to each other. Kudos to Lunch Actually!

- Bernard, Business Analyst (Happily married to Fann)
“Met all of my exacting standards”

“I used a dating agency elsewhere and was extremely skeptical about having to use one here in Singapore. To my sheer delight and amazement however Lunch Actually paired me up with someone who actually met all of my exacting standards, including a sub-25 minutes 5K run.

Now Michelle and I are both running after each other all the time and loving every minute of it!”

- Rob, Legal Counsel (Happily married to Michelle)
“Thank you for matching me with that special person”

“I thought that a simple “Thank You” fully expresses how I feel towards the whole team at Lunch Actually…. I was never a believer of Love At First Sight but hey you prove me wrong…When I first saw Gerald, he stirred up certain kind of emotions in me.

Furthermore, that few hours we spent together chit chatting at the cafe confirmed my emotions…Thank you so much for matching me with that special person and allowing me to discover more of myself (what kind of guy I am attracted too)!”

- Delia, Senior Executive, 29 (Happily married to Gerald)
“Efficient and Responsive”

“Dear Lunch Actually, I would like to thank you for an excellent and discrete service. Your staff is efficient and responsive. Of course like anyone else, initially I was a bit skeptical, but after trying it out I must say I am very impressed.

It is a great idea – working people meeting over lunch/dinner, especially in our hectic days/times. There is nothing wrong with this – no stigma attached and I wish more people try it out.”

- Lucas, Vice President Marketing (Happily married to Debra)
“Appreciate Your Efforts”

Need to hold the arrangement for the future date for a while as we started to “Pa To” & committed in a boyfriend & girlfriend relationship…would like to say that I am really appreciate that yours effort in finding me the suitable matches ….

- CK, Application Engineer (Now… Happily married to Janice)
“Go Through Thick and Thin”

“Do not GIVE UP! Lunch Actually will find someone special who is willing to go through the thick & thin with you……….”

- Lisa, Health Officer & Derek, Financial Advisor (Derek & Lisa are now happily married)

“Family Man”

“I would like to thank all of you, I have met my true love through your service and we are having our wedding very soon. ”
He is the second guy I met after I joined as a member (which is less than 2 months), we fell in love and decided to tie the knot in 8 months time.
He is caring, nice and understanding guy. And the best thing is, he is a family man. :)
Again, thank you very much for making the perfect match! :)
All the best and happy new year! :)

- Karen, Project Manager, 29
“Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”

“First of all I have a very good news to announce. I am now in a relationship with Jason.

We have already been in a relationship for 3 months. I hope that he is my Mr Right and would not need to reactivate my membership anymore.

Thus, I would like to thank LA for introducing Jason to me. We have so much in common and the best thing is we are both in the IT field and we speak the same language. In fact during our first date, I felt that he was so quiet and boring because he didn’t talk much and I requested LA to introduce guys in other fields other than IT. It was really unexpected that I would ending up to be in a relationship with a guy whom I felt was boring at first. I think the proverb “Don’t judge a book by its cover is really true”.. He turns out to be a very fun and talkative person once I got to know him better.

Thanks a lot to LA for doing an excellent job”.

-Grace, Senior IT Consultant, 30
“Lots of Things in Common”

“I have been happily dating Jenny for the past 2 years. During this period, we found that we have lots of things in common, we understand each other very well and we care for one another a lot too. And now, we are going to tie the knot in October 2010. Please kindly remove my personal profile as I’m not looking for partner anymore.

We would like to say thank you and best wishes.”

-Richard, Architect, 42
“Found someone from LA!”

“Thanks to the professional service of the team of Lunch Actually, I have met my girlfriend from Europe .

I didn’t believe in matching company but I had joint it for fun with my colleague. I had met many nice members and one special girl especially attracted me with her interesting background and life.

Tailor-making my requirements is one that can increase the chance of meeting my ideal girl. Please keep up the service as I believe it can help more and more people.”

- S, Finance, Broker, 28
“Perfect First Match!”

“It’s been one year (Mar 27) since I met Ivo, and as you know, we are getting married this Summer. I heard Lunch Actually been very successful and getting very very busy. Well, best wishes to you. Thanks for helping me in finding a very special girl (on the first match!!).”

- C, Information Media, Financial Analyst, 35
“I would like to thank Lunch Actually for their professional services!”

“Initially I joined just out of curiosity with their Lunch/Dinner Dating concept after their Valentine’s Day Contest in 2007.

Based on my personal experience, the dates they arranged all ended very good. The restaurants have cozy ambiance. Enhancing dating experience and also more relaxing.

One of the dates Lunch Actually arrange is date with Henny. Initially we’re quite awkward when we first met. However, cozy ambiance helps reduces our stress level and subsequently we went for second date on our own. Eventually our relationship is built around lunch and dinner!”

- Andre, IT, Client Service Engineer, 31
“Professional with Personal Touch”

“I’m glad I joined Lunch Actually and met guys who were often fun, interesting and came from varied professional backgrounds. Most of all, the important thing is the quality of service, sincerity and care shown by the Lunch Actually team.

I’ve always been made to feel comfortable sharing with them my experiences and how to better fine-tune my dates. They are a team who can blend professionalism with that personal and caring touch. When I am assured that my needs are being looked into carefully, I can go ahead and easily enjoy my dates.”

- Katherine, Senior Executive
“Steadfast and Responsive”

“So far, I am happy with the steadfast and responsive service of Lunch Actually, it shows that you take us as real and important people to be helped, and not just facilitating without emotions. Great personal attention is given to each client.”

- Kenny, Legal Advisor
“Thorough and Genuine”

“The experience with Lunch Actually was a pleasant surprise. Like others… I had doubts… but after my first and second consultation with them, I found them to be very thorough and genuinely focused on my interests, likes, and requirements etc.. in Finding that Special Someone! After my first date, I was quite impressed with the quality of my date. The match was close to what i was hoping for!”

- Susan, HR Director
“Truly Impressed”

“Thanks again for everything and I am indeed grateful to you for the utmost efforts you guys have put in. Am truly impressed especially the choice of restaurant. The food was excellent but the ‘company’ was even better!”

- David, Operations Manager
“Found Someone Special”

“I would like to put my membership on hold. The reason being I have found someone special and now dating her exclusively. Lunch Actually has been doing me a great job. Thanks. You shall be glad to learn that I met her at a date arranged by Lunch Actually.”

- Jonathan C., Business Director
“Keep up the Quality”

“I’m quite happy with your service as you did not simply push someone to me just to fulfill the “date quota”, instead, you look for someone that matches my profile, thanks for that and please keep your quality.”

- Jasmine T., Assistant Theatre Supervisor
“Extremely Happy with Service”

“I found a very special woman through Lunch Actually. The consultants took time to listen to my needs and responded very quickly with someone who is just right for me. I am extremely happy with the service.”

- Calvin, Editor-in-Chief
“Great Arrangements”

Thanks for the date arrangement! Well done! Deric is a nice and gentle guy. He is mature, confidence, discipline, soft spoken and health conscious. He has certain attraction after talking to him. Great arrangements made for my past two dates. Satisfy with your professional services!

- Kelly, Senior Executive